As part of our Uniforms on Duty series, we spoke to April in Wexford. Her daughter Siún loves to role play in her scrubs and regularly dresses up as a Vet. When we spoke to April,  she told us about their rescue cat Sprinkles, and how Siún is very hands-on when it comes to looking after her.

a child wearing blue medical scrubs

The most important thing in life is to be kind.

That’s what we tell our daughter Siún all the time. Now, kind, is what she wants to be and she’s really interested in helping people.

At the moment, Sprinkles the Cat is at the receiving end of lots of Siún’s TLC. Sprinkles joined our family recently from the North Wexford Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals (NWSPCA). Shortly after we brought her home, we started to think about getting her spayed. Naturally, Siún was a little anxious about what this was going to be like for our new pet. To help reassure her, the NWSPCA kindly let her visit their cattery, dressed up in her My Little Uniform scrubs.

The volunteers went out of their way to help alleviate Siún’s fears. There was a cat there that had just been spayed, so they let Siún meet her. Siún was able to see for herself that the cat was okay after the procedure. Reggie, one of the volunteers, gave her great insight into the workings of the cattery. He showed her all the forms that have to be filled in, what happens when cats come in and what happens when they’re getting adopted.

All in all, Siún was much happier about the process by the end of the visit. Now, Sprinkles has just been spayed and is receiving lots of attention from her young owner. Siún really wants to help the cat in her recovery period. Apart from caring for our family pet, Siún also uses her scrubs to play hospitals and Vets with her sister. The bunk beds act as an X-Ray machine; she looks down through the top bunk to examine her sister who’s lying below. When Siún has her hat off, she’s a Nurse. When it’s on, she’s doing surgery.

When she first got the scrubs (as a gift from her Auntie Tina, a Nurse) we thought they would be a great tool for preparing her for visits to the Doctor or trips to the Vet. It was important to us that she wouldn’t be afraid at times like that. We got the Garda uniform as well for the same reason.

I’m delighted that this has already happened through her special, dress-up visit to the cattery. I trust she will have many more experiences like that, where her costumes build her confidence for other life events that come her way.

Siún is wearing one of our medical scrubs costumes out on duty and we are delighted to see that she is enjoying her time as a Veterinarian. Thank you April for sharing Siún’s story with us.

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