Uniforms on Duty

We often receive messages and emails from happy customers telling us about all the adventures their little one gets up to in their uniform. We have pictures of little firefighters visiting their local Fire Station, we have little chefs cooking up a meal for their families, and we have little vets visiting their local animal shelter. It is always a joy to receive these messages, to see the happiness on the children’s faces, to see them out and about working in their community. The reason we started designing authentic costumes is to encourage children to develop positive relationships with people in the community and to see that happening out in the real world is wonderful.

A couple of months ago a woman sent us a gorgeous story that involved her father, a postman, and a child that lived on her fathers’ route. The boy regularly stood outside waiting for her father to arrive. One day the boy was proudly standing in his driveway, waiting as usual but this time he was wearing one of our Postal uniforms. Her father was overwhelmed to see how happy this little boy was. Her father was this boy’s idol, someone to proudly dress up as. The excitement and obvious pride on the little boy’s face made her father quite emotional. He felt incredibly proud of his job and the important role he plays in people’s daily lives. The messages from this lady made us quite emotional too and it made us feel very honoured to help create those moments, that connection between her father and the little boy.

The messages from this woman prompted us to find a way to share some stories with you and invite you to be part of our story. These beautiful moments deserve to be celebrated. So, we started to figure out a way to make that work. We found that people love to share their experiences, but they don’t really enjoy writing them down, so we recruited Amy to help with that. Amy is a fabulous writer and loves listening to a story and capturing it on paper. The perfect match for us and so our Uniforms on Duty project was born. We look forward to featuring lots of stories over the coming months and we would love you to take part.

How to get involved

If you have one of our costumes and you would like to share an experience that your child has enjoyed whilst wearing their uniform then us get in touch at hello@mylittleuniform.com giving us a very brief outline of the story you would like to share. Amy will get in touch with you to arrange a time that suits you. She will chat with you for 15-20 mins, and she will write up the first draft. After you have read through it and made sure you are happy that she has captured it accurately she drafts a final version, and it goes forward for publishing. We love to include a picture so we would ask that you send us a picture of your little one in their uniform that we can include in the piece. As a thank you for participating you will receive a €100 voucher for our shop.

By participating you are agreeing that we can publish your story and pictures in digital and print format and that we can publish it on our social media pages. Please note we try to maintain a balance of the themes that we feature and as a result, we cannot publish every story that is submitted. If you would like more information please get in touch.