Ready for Adventure

Parents told us they want dress-up costumes that fit well and don’t fall apart. We are happy to oblige. Our costumes are designed to last, they are thoroughly tested by kids before we put them into production and they are handmade using the best quality materials we can find. When the adventure is over our costumes can be machine-washed and dried ready for the next day.

Inspiring Imagination

We believe in inspiring young minds. Our costumes encourage children to use their imaginations and be whatever they want to be. A Doctor, a Nurse, a Surgeon, a Scientist, an Engineer, a Chemist, a Vet, a Butcher, there are no rules and no limits to what your child can imagine. Our costumes are versatile, encourage open-ended play, and develop communication skills.

Safe for Play

Children should always be safe and never more so than when they are playing. All our costumes are CE-marked and are classed as toys. This means they have gone through rigorous testing to ensure they met the high standards set by the EU Toy Safety Directive. These standards are much higher than those for normal children’s clothing so that you have confidence in your costume.

What our happy customers have to say…

In the evening my daughter waits for her Dad to come home. As soon as he comes in the door she asks if his back is sore and insists on examining him.


I would not be worried about my Daughter going to a party in this outfit, no doubt it will survive a bouncy castle and can easily go in the wash.


The attention to detail is great. It is like you took a real doctors’ outfit and just shrunk it down. It will last for years.