a hand holding a set of keys that unlock the door to a new workspace for my little uniform

We must be the only costume manufacturer that does not spend the months of August to October talking about Halloween. We don’t run Facebook or Google ads for the Halloween season, we don’t encourage you to buy the latest designs for that one night of dressing up.  The reason is simple- we don’t like Halloween costumes.

When I use the term “Halloween costumes”, I am talking about a specific group of costumes that come out at this time of year. They appear in supermarkets, toy stores, and in hundreds of ads online. They are witches, fairies, zombies, cartoon and movie characters and they are BIG business. They are inexpensive and they are on the shelves as soon as the school uniforms are cleared away.

These costumes are made from very cheap fabrics such as nylon, polyester, and acrylic. All of which are derived from oil/petroleum. They are plastic. They are about as unsustainable as you can get. They are poorly made with a narrow, single row of overlocked seams, flimsy, lightweight fabric and the hems and cuffs are often left unfinished. All of this means they last about as long as your face paint when you are bobbing for apples. They are the pinnacle of disposable textiles.

We don’t make Halloween costumes. We make costumes for everyday play, designed to be worn for years and then passed on. We make costumes for dress-up corners, days out, and classrooms. We make costumes with heavy-duty cotton that can be washed time and again.

If your little one has their heart set on dressing up as a particular character for one night this Halloween, please consider looking in charity shops, ask friends and family if they have costumes you could borrow, ask on local Facebook groups, or if you can, consider making something. When you are finished with your costumes, please consider passing them on and not leaving them languishing in the toy box or worse in the bin.

Please don’t buy our costumes just for one night.