Pay with just a click

We are delighted to say that our online shop now supports Google Pay and Apple Pay making the process quick and easy. At the end of each product page you will spot a new button which lets you checkout immediately with either Apple or Google depending on your device. Apple or Google will populate your billing and shipping addresses and your contact details automatically based on the information you have stored on your device. We recommend you keep your billing address up to date so that there is no delay in processing your order. You can use Google or Apple pay on individual product pages or on the cart page.

More ways to pay

Since we first started we have offered secure checkout options with Stripe. We can accept debit and credit card payments quickly and easily whilst you are safe in the knowledge that your card details remain secure.

During the checkout process, you may be asked to verify or authorise the transaction, depending on your own bank’s policy.

Any refunds due for returned items will be processed securely through Stripe with funds credited to your account. It can take up to 5 days for funds to appear in your account.

In addition to Google Pay, Apple Pay and debit/credit card payments we can also accept cheques and bank transfer. You can view payment and ordering options here or contact us for more information. We do not offer Paypal as an option.