It is something we shied away from for a long time. We have been asked would we offer wholesale to retail stores on many occasions over the last 2 years and to be honest it just never felt like the right time. One of the things I love about our business is the children and their stories. I always loved that we get to know our customers, the reasons why they want to be a Chef or a Firefighter. We have been lucky to share in so many happy moments over the years and I felt we would lose that connection if we went down the route of wholesaling.

When I met Tony Duffy in his fabulous store Duffy’s Toyworld in Dunleer though, I was converted. This family run business is every bit as passionate about children, playful learning and connection as I could ever imagine possible. I witnessed the team in Duffy’s take such great care of the customers in the shop, they genuinely care about the children the toys are going home to. They care deeply about quality and that extends not just to the selection of amazing Irish and European brands that they have curated but also to the standard of service they offer. You are welcome to browse their extensive shelves in peace or, if you have something particular that you are looking for they will find it for you in a matter of moments. If you have a little person in mind while you visit the team will offer the very best advice on what to choose. You will find gems on the shelves that it is safe to say you will not find anywhere else in Ireland. It is hard to go away empty handed but you will not regret your purchases, in fact I am pretty sure you will be planning your next visit as soon as you leave.