An illustration of a shopfront with a window full of little uniforms

Why we have changed our name

It is a decision that was a long time coming. When we started off, I chose to name the business Mermaids and Dragons, it was quirky and interesting, and it represented my 2 daughters at that time. Like everything though, we evolved. We wanted our name to say something about who we are and what we do. We need it to make sense when we introduce our business and talk to people about what it is we do and we needed something that would let us grow and develop the business in a direction that makes sense to us.

Our business is about celebrating the role of community professionals and encouraging children to see themselves as having important roles in our community as young citizens. We did not feel our original name reflected that. It was definitely time for a change but we couldn’t just rush into it. As a company that designs and manufactures our own products there are an awful lot of things to update and change. Any rebranding takes time to get right and we are not quite finished yet but one thing is for sure, we do not want to be going through it all again in 3 years time.

One of the things that highlighted the disconnect between our values and our name was the work we were doing behind the scenes; developing content, writing blogs, and working on projects that we just did not want to publish under our old name. There was a disconnect, but we had to be patient. We had to wait until we could develop an identity that accurately tells our story and captures all that is important to us. At the same time, we were determined to keep all the wonderful characters and illustrations that were created for us by Nadia over at Nadia understood the heart of our little costume shop right at the start of our journey. Her illustrations are always going to be part of what we do and how we communicate. All we needed to change was the name and how we incorporated that into a visual form. Sounds simple but part of that meant we had to migrate the website without losing any of the printable resources and themes we had created. We have a huge body of work to do to update them all, but, we will be using it as an opportunity to update them and make some new ones.

Even though it is a small change, it feels like a new, fresh start and with Spring upon us what better time that now to refocus and grow.

We are all looking forward to the next chapter of our journey as My Little Uniform and we thank you for coming along with us.