The Supermarket

The Supermarket

Every Child loves going along to do grocery shopping. Whether it is picking out the essentials or trying new things the supermarket is an absolute treasure trove of opportunity for learning and exploring. As the shopkeeper children get to set out the items for sale, make price tags, ring up customers shopping and pack it up for them. As customers children can write a list, select what they need and work through the process of paying.

Our incredibly versatile children’s white coat can definitely be put to good use in The Supermarket and easily becomes the uniform of the shopkeeper. To make dramatic-play even more immersive our Supermarket pdf’s, available in Irish or English make it easy to set up your own Supermarket.

Our large format “I am a….”poster is designed for to introduce new vocabulary where children can discuss the theme of The Supermarket. Character Traits flash-cards can be added to the poster to encourage children to think about and identify the behaviours that they expect from a Shopkeeper. The “I use..” flash-cards help to introduce some new vocabulary; common equipment used by Shopkeepers and the blank cards can be used to scribe the roles and responsibilities that the children consider part of a Shopkeeper’s job.

The Supermarket resource pack is free to download, it is a digital resource. You can download it, save it and print it as and when you need. We recommend printing onto cardstock and laminating the room signs which can be used again and again. You can choose between the English language version or the Irish language version below.

Download “The Supermarket Dramatic Play”

Download “The Supermarket as Gaeilge”

Make your own Supermarket

Our printable Supermarket pack includes lots of resources so that you can easily set up a dramatic-play area of your own. In addition to the “I am a…” theme poster there is another large format poster, Welcome to the Supermarket that can be used to designate a specific role-play area. The pdf includes A4 posters for the walls to designate different areas such as the Aisle Signs or to let people know if the Supermarket if open or closed with the Opening hours.

We have included plenty of mark-making and writing opportunities with Shopping lists, and of course, there are lots of pricing labels! The personalisable Name Badges can be filled in and attached to a lanyard so that everyone knows just who is on Duty.

What is included

The A4 posters mean you can let customers know when you are open.

*Supermarket opening hours
*Closed notice
*Manager on Duty notice

There are multiple aisle signs in the pdf bundle so that you can set out as many different areas as you like

*Bread aisle
*Meat, Fish and Eggs

There are lots of labels and shelf signs which are very common in Supermarkets

*Special Offers
*Price tags
*Shelf labels

There are forms and lists for writing and mark making opportunities so that everyone can get involved.

*Shopping lists
*Name cadges
*Qualification certificate


We always recommend using real-life and authentic props whenever possible. Supermarket role play can use lots and lots of items round at home. Empty cartons, bottle and boxes are instantly recongisable stock items. Shopping bags and old loyalty cards will come in handy. The one item which is worth investing in is a mechanical check out register. The one from Ikea is extrememly robust and is perfect for this time of dramatic-play. Everything you need in terms of forms, signs and posters are in the pdf pack.

Available As Gaeilge

“Having resources available in Irish is just a joy. It makes things so much easier for me and the children love the set up. It can be really hard to find good resources in Irish.
~Aine Ní M, Teacher. ”