aistear doctor surgery dramatic play poster

The Doctor’s Surgery

Available in English and Irish.

Our free Doctor’s Surgery printable pdf compliments our authentic Children’s Scrubs Costume and it provides everything you need to set up a doctor’s surgery at home or as part of an Aistear theme in the early year’s classroom.

Our large format poster is designed to introduce the vocabulary around the theme of doctors. The flashcards can be added to the poster to encourage children to think about and identify the roles and responsibilities that they expect from a doctor or nurse. The A4 posters can be used to designate different areas within the clinic such as the reception area, the waiting room, and the examination room. The signs and posters create a print-rich environment where children can explore the role of printed materials in context.

The resources pack includes lots of writing opportunities such as patient charts, name badges, admission schedules, and appointment cards. Of course, we couldn’t forget a certificate of qualification which can be personalised with your child’s name.

aistear doctor surgery role play

What is included

* “Welcome to the Doctor’s Surgery” banner poster
* Large character poster
* Character trait cards
* Flashcards
* Reception desk signage
* Appointment schedule
* Examination area sign
* Prescription pad
* Sick note
* Vaccination card
* Name badges
* Qualification certificate

31 pages of printable resources

Dramatic play in the early years

Dramatic play is an important part of early childhood development. It helps children learn about themselves, their community, and how things work. Dramatic play also supports the development of communication and social skills, problem-solving, and critical thinking.

This Doctor’s Surgery dramatic play pack is aligned with the Aistear framework. It includes lots of posters and signs for creating a print-rich learning environment whilst introducing theme-specific vocabulary, and strengthening language and literacy skills.

aistear the doctors surgery resources
doctors clinic play posters for children
flash cards for medical dramtic play for children
doctors surgery dramatic play

The Doctor’s Surgery

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