At the start of the year, in the face of rising costs, we made the decision to maintain our core costume prices and review them again in the summer. We were hoping that things would calm down a little but that has been far from the case. Every time we order fabric the price goes up. Every time we order cardboard boxes they are more expensive. It costs us nearly double to ship our hats compared to this time last year and there is no end in sight. Everything from ink and paper to advertising, electricity and phone calls cost us more than they did last year. It is a problem facing lots of businesses and it is a problem that keeps me awake at night or worse still, wakes me at 3 am.

Despite all the increases in costs, raising our prices is just not something I want to do. It doesn’t sit well with me to add to the increased cost of living right now so we have decided to maintain our prices as they are now through to the end of the year.

We have received support from so many loyal customers over the last 2 years and it is a joy to see our preschool and primary school customers ordering again after long closures. We know that this is a challenging time for everyone, and we do not want to add to that pressure by increasing our prices. At a time when budgets have to stretch as far as possible, I want our business to continue to offer high-quality costumes at fair prices. Will this affect our business? Of course it will affect us financially as we have to continue to absorb cost increases and it could well be the worst decision I ever make but I believe if we look after our customers the rest will follow.

We have always tried to price our costumes fairly, year-round, and we have never offered significant discounts, but we pass on savings when we can, and this will continue. Our complimentary shipping threshold remains at €75. We offer bulk-buy discounts starting at €250 and until the end of July, we have pre-order classroom bundles with savings of up to €50 available to order now for delivery in August and Sept. We also have a generous loyalty programme for our customers.

I am tremendously grateful for all the support we have received over the last few years. The emails, dm’s messages, and reviews we get are always a joy to read. A lot of our customers find us through friends and colleagues and we are so grateful for those recommendations.

If you could continue to spread the word, I appreciate it.