Recently we have been receiving emails with screenshots of shopping carts asking if we could invoice a school or preschool for the order or asking if a customer can pay by bank transfer instead of card. Of course, that is something we are happy to do but to make it easier we have now added the option to request an invoice for your order instead of paying immediately online. It is a simpler way to request an invoice rather than having to screengrab an order and it also means your order is reserved right away so there is no risk of your favourite uniform going out of stock. 

How invoicing works

You can shop as normal and add anything you like to your shopping basket, once you have everything you want you can continue to the checkout. Fill in the billing name and address and the shipping address if it is different. After that, instead of entering card details simply select “Invoice Payment” and place your order. That’s it! 

When we receive your order, we will put together an invoice and your payment options and email it to you so please check your email inbox and spam folders. Once we receive payment your order will be dispatched. Orders placed using the invoice payment option will be held for 5 working days once the invoice is issued. If no payment is received within that time the order will be cancelled.


Find out more about other payment options we have available. If you have any questions about invoice payment options or quotes please contact us.


a screenshot of a checkout page with invoice payment radio button selected