Why little uniforms?

Little dress- up outfits have great power. They give children the ability to physically transform into different people, to adopt a new persona and to really become a character that they love. As well as being a lot of fun, this type of play has a huge range of developmental benefits for children. When we were deciding to set up the business, we wanted to represent characters that are worthy of a child’s admiration. We wanted to help children transform themselves into some of their real-life heroes.

The very first little uniform that we made was a set of scrubs for our daughters. They knew that I wore them at work sometimes, and they were of an age when all they wanted to be was just like mom. To them my job was amazing, exciting, and important. It involved working hard, helping people, and caring for others. It meant being away from them even when I did not want to be, it meant I had responsibilities.

I was worthy of their admiration. To them, I was a superhero.

Just a quick message to say how the Garda costume has positively added to my sons adoration for the Gardaí at the moment…between role playing at home, handing out tickets to everyone, creating id’s etc.,the fun has been endless. To add to the learning we went to see HQ in the phoenix park and we got chatting to a lovely Garda who gave him a Garda pin for his uniform, star struck would have been an understatement 😁 it’s just fantastic to see him having positive experiences around such important figures in our community..


What is a superhero?

Look at some well recognised fictional superheroes that commonly appear in the dress-up box. They can fly, jump from heights have otherworldly strength, can communicate with animals and usually they win against the bad guys. These powers may be fictional but they are built on characteristics such as bravery, strength, kindness, determination  and resilience. Superheroes are civic minded, they help others and save the day. They protect people who are vulnerable and they stand up to the bad guys. All very admirable qualities that we want children to learn about, emulate and ultimately adopt as their own character develops. These character traits can be found in abundance in our own community, in the people our children meet every day. Community professionals are people that our children can identify with, can meet, can interact with- they are our friends, family and neighbours and they are perfect relatable role-models for our children. 

Role models in our community

Every day there are thousands of people who work hard to help us all live healthy, happy and safe lives. They teach us, care for us, keep us safe. They transport us, feed us, delivery our post. They are the very fabric of our towns, villages, and cities. They deserve to be recognised for the important role they play in our lives. These are the people that we want to celebrate. We want children to dress-up as their favourite Garda, who helped them when they were lost or the local Firefighter who taught them about the dangers of fireworks. We want children to take on the persona of the Veterinarian who looks after their beloved dog or the Chef who works with the local meals-on-wheels group making sure people are fed and looked after. We passionately believe that children should be taught about and should look up to these everyday superheroes. Of course, there is room for Batman or Moana too; we all need a bit of fantasy in or lives.  

Will we ever design fantasy costumes?

Well, we really have an awful lot of real-life superheroes to get to first.