Charities often fill a gap in society where our most vulnerable reside. Whether it’s a large, national organisation tacking homelessness or a local group supporting older people in their community. Charities depend on the support of governments, individuals, and businesses. We may not all be on the front line delivering a service, but we can all play our part.

The last 2 years have been incredibly challenging for all charities. Delivering services to those who they support has been fundamentally disrupted, leaving some people bereft at the worst time of their lives. On the other side, fundraising has been devastated with everything from fun runs, galas, bake sales and national fundraising days all cancelled. People have adapted and adjusted as best they can, but as things start to reopen let’s not leave the most vulnerable behind.

As a business we often receive requests of support, either through monetary donations, sponsorship of events, donation of products and so on. We would love to be able to say yes to every request that arrives in our inbox, but we can’t. Some time ago we decided to concentrate our efforts on one charity so that we could maximise the small impact we can make. That charity is Little Blue Heroes, a not-for-profit charity operated entirely by volunteers (no paid staff) made up of Garda members/staff, retired Garda members, their families, friends and civic minded people from communities. It aims to help families in need from local communities in Ireland who have children undergoing long-term medical treatment for serious illness. We offer our support in several ways but the 2 most visible are our Personalised ID cards, where we donate €2.50 from the sale of each card and a raffle coming up to Christmas time.

No matter how big or how small we can all contribute to charities in need of support. I would encourage you to consider donating to Little Blue Heroes and keep an eye out for our Raffle which we will announce on Instagram and Facebook.