Garda Síochána Wanted Poster

Writing Opportunities in Dramatic Play

For each of our themes, we have developed some resources to support children as they develop their writing skills from mark making to sentences.

Early mark-making is an essential step in learning to write, whether those marks are scribbles, lines, circles or pictures. As skills develop, incorporating writing into dramatic play supports children as they explore different types of writing; charts, maps, labels, certificates, and badges. They learn how to express themselves and their ideas through writing in a playful way.

As part of their job sometimes little gardaí have to solve crimes and try to catch the bad guys. A description and a good old fashioned wanted poster works a treat. Are they a man or woman? Do they have long hair? What colour are their eyes? Little gardaí and witnesses can get creative and work their imaginations as they describe and draw these A4 wanted posters.

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