Costume Rental Scheme for Education


We are delighted to announce a brand new rental scheme for educators!

We are always thrilled to hear the stories of how much children and educators love our career costumes but one thing that we also hear is that not every child gets a chance to dress up. When the class topic is about firefighters, there can be a lot of discussion over whose turn it is to be the firefighter. When the community garda visits everyone wants to wear the garda uniform but there are not enough to go around. We knew we had to come up with a solution.

We are not in the business of trying to sell 10 garda uniforms to every school, that is not good use of a school’s budget, not to mind where they would all be stored! We also know that our costumes last for years and launder well – just as they were designed to. So we came up with a simple rental scheme that allows children to dress up as their heroes, play, and learn together, whilst making the best use of school resources, and promoting sustainability.

How it works


Choose the set of 6 costumes you would like and the rental period that works for you. 


One week’s rental is €75 and two week’s rental is €95. That’s less than €8 per costume per week.

We organise delivery in advance so that your class has a full 2 weeks with the costumes

At the end of the 2 weeks, return the set in the packaging provided


We look after laundry and any minor repairs so that the next class of gardaí, zookeepers or pilots can play and learn.

Little Uniforms

Option 1: 6 different careers or
Option 2: one career x 6 costumes.

Available careers: Garda, Firefighter, Zookeeper, Pilot, Postal Worker

Costumes in a set will are all the same size. We recommend size 3/4 for preschool classes, 5/6 for junior classes and 7/8 for 1st and 2nd class
Access to our online printable resources is included with all rentals

Must be booked in advance as the number of sets available is  limited for 2024/25. 

We are now accepting bookings for 2024/25.
Complete the form below to register your interest and we will contact you with more information.

Benefits of Renting

No Storage

“If we rented then I wouldn’t have to worry about extra storage. We have lots of resources and space is hard to find. I keep boxes at home just to have space in class. “

Cost Effective

“We just don’t have the budget to buy everything I would like for my classroom.  It would be nice to rent instead and that way we can make our small budget go further. “

Rotate Resources

“All the children want to dress up for the theme we are using. I wish we could buy 10 Firefighter costumes or 10 Postmen but that is not practical for our small school.”


Renting costumes reduces waste, reduces the environmental impact associated with ownership, and ensures each costume is reused and recycled in a sustainable way.

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