Costume Rental Scheme for Education

Renting costumes for your classroom has never been easier with My Little Uniform. Discover the joy of including authentic career costumes in your lessons without the hassle of storage or the limitations of a tight budget.

Our rental option allows you to add authentic Irish career costumes to your classroom, making socio-dramatic play exciting and engaging for children. Not only is it cost-effective, but it also promotes sustainability by reducing waste.

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Bookings open May.
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Benefits of Renting

No Storage

“If we rented then I wouldn’t have to worry about extra storage. We have lots of resources and space is hard to find. I keep boxes at home just to have space in class. “

Cost Effective

“We just don’t have the budget to buy everything I would like for my classroom.  It would be nice to rent instead and that way we can make our small budget go further. “

Rotate Resources

“All the children want to dress up for the theme we are using. I wish we could buy 10 Firefighter costumes or 10 Postmen but that is not practical for our small school.”


Renting costumes reduces waste, reduces their environmental impact, and ensures each costume is reused and recycled in a sustainable way.

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