1. Do I have to take photos of the children in the costumes?
No, not at all, we are only interested in the logistics of the service, we are not looking for any pictures of children in costume.

2. Can I pick the costumes I would like to have for the trial?
We will be in touch to organise specific designs and sets once we know exactly how many classes are taking part.

3. When will I receive my trial set?
We are planning to send out the sets in mid-September. Please let us know if that is not convenient for your class plans.

4. Who is responsible for delivery/returns?
We will organise delivery of your costumes and we will include return packaging and a label to cover return postage. Depending on your location you may have to drop the return parcel to your local post office.

5. Is there a fee?
Yes, there is a €50 charge to participate it the trial, but once the trial is completed, we will give you a €50 credit towards any future rental.

6. Who is responsible for laundry?
We will launder all the costumes when they are returned to us, we do not expect you to.

If you have any other queries please email us.


Please complete the short survey below so that we can organise the trial as efficiently as possible and include as many schools as we can.