All resources published are under copyright. We ask that you kindly respect the research, time, effort and cost that goes into making each and every one of our Imagination in Action™ thematic resources. We work with teachers to develop each pack to ensure that the resources are relevant, useful and engaging. We work with a wonderful illustrator, Nadia Cruickshanks, to create the imagery and art that is used in our packs. We use expensive software to create, edit and compile the packs, we pay to have them hosted online and we pay fees in order to be able to provide them to you. Please respect our copyright.

Frequently asked questions

What does a copyright mean?

A copyright means that our work is legally protected. It means that you cannot copy, alter, redistribute, sell, giveaway, translate, adapt, distort, falsely attribute or make it available to another person or organisation in any way.

What a copyright means is that you cannot email a copy to your friend, you cannot photocopy it for a friend to use, you cannot pop it up online because you think everyone would love it, you cannot give it to another classroom to use when you are finished with it. People are normally really clear that they cannot sell someone else’s work or pass it off as their own and usually people understand that they cannot simply copy sections of it into their own work.