We have always offered a saving when you purchase a number of costumes at the same time but the option that we had available was a little tricky to navigate and resulted in some frustration for customers so we have decided to try something new. Now, when you buy two costumes you can avail of a 15% saving off the second one. Your saving will be applied automatically at checkout.

This option will allow you to easily select costumes of the same design but different sizes, making it easier to purchase for siblings. Something that our previous configuration was unable to do.

The saving is only applied to full priced uniforms and does not include ID badges or caps. The lowest priced item in your selection will be discounted for the purposes of calculating the saving available to you. If you purchase 4 costumes the saving will apply to 2 of them and so on

We always appreciate your feedback as we work to make our website as user friendly as possible. Feel free to contact us if you have any queries.