aistear doctor surgery role play


These printable x-rays make an excellent addition to your medical role-play area. When playing doctors, children love to run tests, take their patient’s temperature, listen to their heartbeat and so adding in an x-ray is the next step in testing and diagnosing what is wrong with their patients. 

For children who have had an injury and may have broken a bone, including x-rays in their doctor’s surgery dramatic-play area will encourage them to discuss and share their own experiences. Did they have to wear a cast, what was that like? Did they have to use a sling or crutches? 

You can use x-rays to compare what the outside of our body looks like compared to the inside. For example, can children feel the hard bones in their fingers, can they see where the air fills up their lungs, can they see where their knee bends, and look at so many bones in the feet. 

These A4 sized x-rays are designed to be printed on regular plain white paper or, for a wow factor, you can use a transparent acetate sheet. There are lots of options on how to display the printed x-rays in your doctor’s surgery role-play area. You can either use a lightbox or simply stick the x-rays to a window.

This pdf includes a warning sign and 6, A4-sized x-rays of common parts of the body including: skull, chest, feet, knee, hands, and shoulder.

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